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Awkward tales from the depths of SHS

By Kaylee Luchansky and Lianna Ketcham, Website editors

All of these true stories are brought to you by the students of Saegertown. If you would like your awkward story to be featured in the next set, email Lianna Ketcham at or Kaylee Luchansky at All stories will remain anonymous.

“I was in the hallway, stationed at my locker, when the horrific occurrence happened. My hand rose to shut my locker door, but instead of grabbing it, my hand went directly into the pants pocket of the kid beside me. Yeah, right into the left pocket like an eight ball in a game of pool. The first grading period of my freshman year hadn’t even ended yet, and I already did something ridiculously embarrassing.

The kid laughed, made an inappropriate joke, and moved on. But I hadn’t. As the embarrassment faded, my friend joined me and I began to tell the tale for the first time. As the words escaped my lips, I realized how funny the excursion actually was and promptly burst into laughter. My mortification was soon replaced with tears and a tummy ache from laughing so hard.

The event left a mark in my mind that I will never forget, but instead of being horrified at the awkward happening, I actually look back at it as a funny thing that happened. I can’t speak for the pocket owner, but I will definitely remember this for years to come.”

“The most awkward experience I’ve ever had would probably be when I accidently hip bumped a teacher in the middle of the hallway. My bad.”

“Have you ever had someone think something happened to you, but it didn’t? I once had a sub believe that my nose exploded instead of my lipgloss. I went to apply it when an air pocket became my enemy and sent the pink liquid directly into my face. In a panic, I put both of my hands to my face. The sub rushed over to see if I was alright and was quite surprised to hear it was only my lipgloss. No sir, I did not need a tissue, but thanks for caring I guess.”

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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