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Sophomores gain experience during Business Week

Winning company Chronos in action. (photo contributed)
Winning company Chronos in action. (photo contributed)

Ally Shenk, Staff Writer

ACES (Americans for Competitive Enterprise System, Inc.) brings Pennsylvania Business Week, which was held April 27-May 1, to Saegertown High School in hope that sophomores can get a sense of real business situations.

During the week, students are separated into companies and assigned a position such as CEO, marketing director, etc. Each company is assigned a product to “sell” to the public, and using the resources given, they must execute the design, development and marketing of the object. “I expected it to be boring, but it’s actually fun,” said sophomore Kendra Taylor.

Chronos. (photo contributed)
(photo contributed)

The trade show, held in the gym on Friday, gave students, teachers, and parents a chance to experience the hard work and experience the sales and marketing pitches of the six companies. Mrs. Nicole Keller’s group of Kalib Kiser, Tanna Walters, Aidan Byham, Cutter’b Pritchard, Jude Mattocks, Jillian Rosipko, Kirsten Mowris, Marc Kightlinger, John Jackson, TJ Hasychak, Alandis Doctor, Rachel Barner, Tatin Bailey, Alexis Oldakowski, and Greg Gunn who produced the “Chronos” watch won the Top Company award at the awards ceremony Friday afternoon. Each team member received $100, t-shirts, coupons, water bottles, and other items. Other prizes were given to those for exceeding expectations in their group or performing well in competitions that featured their expertise.

“It was very stressful; I think the fact that we all worked together well and didn’t have problems was the reason we won,” said CEO of Chronos Aidan Byham. For more information about PA Business Week, visit

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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