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Senior banquet showcases poems and stories

By Eric Kisner, News Editor

The senior banquet. (photo contributed)
The senior banquet. (photo contributed)

The class of 2015 shared a final gathering at this year’s senior banquet on May 18 at Nick’s Place in Edinboro.The evening began with appetizers, followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m. Senior Mitchell Lloyd, who is a culinary arts student at the Career Center said, “The experience was extremely reminiscent of the past years here. The food could have been better, but overall, the experience was totally worth the cost to attend.”

After dinner, the classmates watched their sixth grade poetry readings. As each student appeared on the screen, varying levels of applause and laughter would rise from the crowd. “Seeing everyone so young, some of them looked just the same and some looked completely different. The whole thing was just really cool,” said Abby Kasemer.

After the poetry readings, the seniors were given an open microphone to share stories and sentiments from the entirety of their academic careers. These ranged from bittersweet, to inspiring, to absurd. One of the night’s most emotional moments occurred when Matthew Myers took the microphone and personally thanked the class for their support and strength while he battled leukemia in tenth grade. Several other students, including Tucker Geer and Christopher Mook, shared stories about coming to Saegertown, and feeling welcomed by the student body.

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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