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Baby Norwood is on the way

Mrs. Norwood helping a student in her classroom.
Mrs. Norwood, who is expecting a baby in Novemeber, is helping a student in her communications class.

By Lauren Haylett, Junior High Staff

“Potentially I could’ve gone without knowing the gender, but I like being able to make preparations. My husband really wanted to know, though,” said Mrs. Susan Norwood, English and communications teacher, who is preparing to welcome a little girl in November.

At this point, the baby’s name is still undecided. “We have it narrowed down, but we don’t want to say until she’s born because then you get some people who are like ‘Oh you don’t want that name.  I knew a girl with that name and she was awful.’  Our code name for the baby is ‘Rory.’  It’s my favorite character from ‘Gilmore Girls’ and my husband won’t allow me to name her it.” “Rory” is due to arrive on November 11 and will be born at Meadville Medical Center.

Mr. and Mrs. Norwood are almost ready to welcome the baby into their home. “We’ve converted the second bedroom into a guest/baby room, painted furniture, and made some art for the wall.” Not only is it taxing at home, but at school as well. “I get much more tired quickly, and I don’t wander around as much as I used to,” said Mrs. Norwood. “In the past, I would take some work home, but now I’m too exhausted when I get home to do much.  I’m just trying to find a balance.”

Many of her students are happy for her. “I think it’s nice for her being pregnant because she can start her own life and family,” said Ethan Hayes. Eighth grader Hannah Urbanick said,”I’m happy for her to have a baby girl because she seemed very happy when she told my class about it on the first day of school.” Even though it’s tiring and sometimes difficult, to Mrs. Norwood it’s all worth it. “I feel like I am most looking forward to when she gets to be two and three years old and really reacting to the world around her and responding verbally. Both my parents were great, and I am looking forward to trying to be like them.”


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