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Eighth grade students read to make a difference

By Kaity Gage, marketing director and Bailey Kozalla, staff writer

Instead of the average eighth grade advisory class where students take advantage of a free period and finish homework, Mr. Brad Wise’s advisory is reading to the Life Skills class as part of a youth serving youth project.

“I wanted to make it a make-a-difference class,” Wise said.

Wise wants his advisory class to get to know each other better, to go outside their comfort zones, and to interact with other children within the school.  “They’re nervous when they go down (to the MDS room), but when they come back, they feel a sense of accomplishment,”  said Wise.

Every Tuesday, five eighth graders go to the MDS room, each bringing two children’s books to read for twenty minutes to one of the students.  Each pair goes to a separate room, so they can read with minimal distraction.

“My favorite part about reading to the students is spending time with them because I don’t really get to talk to them,” said Karley Price.  Price reads to Life Skills student Chloe, who is visually impaired. Price has a tactile book that includes Brallie that she reads to Chloe. A tactile book has texturized pages for the blind to feel.

Even though the students were originally reluctant, they now go and read to the MDS students because they get to experience something new. Not only does it help the Life Skills students, but it also encourages the advisory class to make positive environments in the school.

“I would be willing to go above and beyond to brighten these kids’ days,” said Price.

(Students involved in the 8th grade advisory class include David Deets, Andy Hasychak, Cameron Jordan, Darian Kaye, Casey Kozalla, Maddie Mondi, Aurora Phillips, Karley Price, Dayna Woodruff, Katelyn Young, Michael Whippo, and Martin Kimmel)




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