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Scouting and Hunting for hidden talents

By Scout Van Cise and Hunter Trzeciak, Art and Entertainment editors.

Have you ever wondered what talents Saegertown students are hiding?  That’s exactly what we wanted to investigate.  Senior Colten Burdick, though you may see him performing in chorus concerts and in school musicals, actually writes his own music.  “I try to think of what past experiences I’ve had and how to react to those experiences through my lyrics,” said Burdock. He began taking voice and music composition lessons in 2014, and has been writing ever since. To share his talents with friends and family alike, he performed in the 2015 Spring Showcase.  

However, Burdick is not the only student hiding his musical talents. Junior Dane Rhoades, whom you probably see on the football and baseball fields as well as the basketball court, conceals his guitar playing abilities.  Dane began playing when he was in fifth grade by taking lessons for a year.  According to Rhoades, taking lessons was “A good decision because I got to learn something new.”  He rarely performs for an audience, but he recently played at a family event. But music isn’t the only talent being suppressed in our school.

Rachel Lance, a sophomore, has a knack for drawing and painting.   She discovered her skill at a young age when her mother encouraged her to start drawing.  “My mom is my inspiration,” said Lance, speaking about the beginning of her art career.  Lance’s work has been displayed at Meadville Medical Center and several art galleries.  Lance has also won various first place awards at the Crawford County Fair.

Though we may not see it displayed all the time, we have many talented students here at Saegertown High School.  Those you may think you know inside and out could be hiding something amazing!  
If you have a secret talent that you want to share, contact Scout Van Cise at or Hunter Trzeciak at

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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