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AP World History class up and running with two students

By Payton Brooks and Ellie Lybarger, staff writers

Super small AP World History class meets everyday during seventh period.
Super small AP World History class meets everyday during seventh period.

You know that moment when the teacher asks a question and you look around to see who will answer it? Well, imagine that you are in a class with only two people. That’s the situation this year for juniors Sydney Kightlinger and Tyler Brooks in the Advanced Placement World History class being offered for the first time this year and taught by Mrs. Kara Bechtel.

The class was first announced midsummer, so it was not widely known by potential students. Mrs. Bechtel focuses the

class on a lot of writing on world themes, and changes and constants throughout time. Kightlinger said, “Take everything you would learn in three or more years in a general class, add more information, and put it into one year.” Mrs. Bechtel notes the difference between AP history and normal history as, “the amount of work, outside reading, and expanding on prior knowledge.”  Brooks says that he is intrigued by the world’s past and wishes there were more classes like this because they are intellectually stimulating. They are preparing for the AP World Exam that will take place on May 12, 2016 at Saegertown.

Kightlinger, Brooks, and Mrs. Bechtel commented that they enjoy the small class size but would prefer a class of about seven to nine. Mrs. Bechtel said, “I like a smaller size, but two is a little…,” and Brooks added,  “I prefer a smaller class, but not this small.” Both students commented on the struggle with having debates with only two people. One of Mrs. Bechtel’s hopes for the class next year is to get more students enrolled in the class.



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