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News of the Weird: Spider vs. lighter

By Ben Courson and Ben Haylett, broadcast

spider-surrounded-fire-10574837SpiderA spider lands on a car at a Center Line, Mich. Mobil gas station and a man uses what he thinks is an appropriate weapon for the job. A lighter. While at work, a clerk at the station was doing her everyday routine when she quickly glanced at the security camera screen and saw a unique attempt to kill a spider. The man ignited the lighter and the fire spread quickly to the gas pump which burst into flames. In the reports the man denied that he caused the fire and blamed it on the static electricity until they replayed him the video.

Aaron Brown, an eighth grader at Saegertown, was asked what he thought was going through the guy’s head when igniting that lighter. “Well, spiders are pretty evil, so he probably didn’t want to get bit, so the only obvious option was to light it on fire.” The spider was reported dead at the scene. So tragic.

The Mobile Station’s insurance company is paying for all the cost repairs to the pump, but should it be their job to do so? Or should the man who caused the fire be held responsible? Senior Codee Harman said, “The man who torched the spider. I mean you can’t just be going around barbecuing things you don’t like.”

When asked if there could have been an alternative option to killing the spider, Harman said, “I probably would have used my shoe,” while senior Zach Courson disagreed. “A lighter sounds pretty good,” he said.  

Harman ended the discussion with the following comment: “We got crispy spider and no evidence to say it was poisonous or not, so I’m going to say he was justified in burning the spider.”


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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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