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Scouting and Hunting: Junior High Spotlight

By Hunter Trzeciak and Scout Van Cise, arts and entertainment editors

After searching the halls of Saegertown High School for yet another talented group of students, we decided to venture downstairs during junior high’s “B” lunch to find our next gifted bunch.  

Seventh grader Grace Diley has more musical talent than most 13-year-olds. Diley has been playing piano since she was eight years old, beginning by taking lessons and putting in lots of practice time on her own.  Once she hit fourth grade, Diley knew she wanted to be in the school band so she could further expand her musical talents.  She started out playing the clarinet but wasn’t a fan, so when Mr. Baldwin provided the opportunity to put her piano skills to use in band by playing the xylophone, she took it. “I just didn’t like playing clarinet, and I’ve been playing piano for so long that I wanted to find something that could benefit from that,” Diley said.   

Our next talented student is eighth grader Megan Brunot, who has a very unique ability  baton twirling.  She began at the young age of five years old and continued to taking lessons for seven years after she started.  Brunot has performed in multiple parades, competitions, and talent shows throughout the years, placing in several competitions and winning many medals and trophies.  When asked why she likes baton twirling so much Brunot said, “It’s just not something that a lot of people can do.

Carson Jones rehearses his performance for Into the Woods.
Carson Jones rehearses his performance for Into the Woods.

Our final junior high spotlight for the week is the “infamous” Carson Jones, who has been performing at The Academy Theatre since 2011.  So far Jones has been in seven plays including: Once on this Island (2011), Bah Humbug (2013), Pirates of Penzance (2014), with his most recent performance being in Into the Woods (2015) where he played Rapunzel’s Prince Charming. Jones said, “I enjoy theatre because you don’t have to care about what you are doing you just do it, and you don’t feel pressured either because you are living someone else’s life with your own touch.”  He also says that he doesn’t get nervous before a performance, “I’m not nervous really, just anxious to be out on stage. I strive to get the biggest role, so I can be on stage more!”

Despite their small numbers, the amount of talent in the junior high is huge!  If you know a talented student or want to be featured, contact Scout Van Cise at or Hunter Trzeciak at .

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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