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Mr. Edwards hopes students will choose their own path

By Lauren Haylett, junior high staff writer

  Mr. Brandon Edwards is the newest addition to the technology department at Saegertown.  “I teach technology education which covers CAD (computer aided design), metal working, woodworking, photography, anything along those lines. But in this school, I teach intro to technology

Mr. Edwards is the newest teacher in the industrial technology program at Saegertown.

education and Wood 1, 2, and 3.”  From a young age, Mr. Edwards had a teaching ability in him.  “Teaching was something I’d always done.  Even when I was wrestling at a young age, I’d always go and help out the younger kids, so it always felt a bit normal to me,” he said. Technology came to him just as easily. “Technology was one of the things I always enjoyed in high school. I took all the woodworking classes. I took all the CAD and drafting classes. I took the transportation classes, so it was where I spent all my time. It was where I just enjoyed being.”

He continued his love of technology by going to college. “My first two years, I went to Pennsylvania College of Technology where I got an associates degree in construction.  From there, I decided that  construction wasn’t for me, so I transferred to California University of Pennsylvania and received my bachelor’s degree in education.”

Not only is Mr. Edwards new to the school, but new to Saegertown itself as well.  “Saegertown is about half the size of Corry High School, so there’s a lot of things here that I’m adapting to and getting used to.  It’s still a small town nature, but with it being half the size, there’s not as many participants in some of the extracurriculars.  I think overall that it’s just a tight-knit community; it’s easy to know each other, and everyone helps each other out, so that aspect I really enjoy.”

By the end of the year, Mr. Edwards hopes to teach his students one thing: “What I want them to understand is you need to be well-rounded. You need to know just a little bit of everything before you pick a special path.  But once you do pick that path, you need to put your nose to the grindstone and work as hard as you can and do everything you can to be successful.”


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