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Staff shares holiday favorites

By Bailey Kozalla and Kaity Gage, Staff Writer and Marketing Director

All around the world Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways.  Some people might buy gifts for family and friends, sing Christmas carols, or even wear their favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

At Saegertown High School some teachers choose to either go Christmas shopping in-store, online, or not at all.  Principal Tom Baker and Mr. Chris

Mrs. Kimmel holds her dancing Santa.

Greco prefer to do their shopping online, while Mrs. Debbie Houck completes her Christmas shopping in-store.  

The teachers have also addressed their favorite foods and beverages during Christmas time.  Mr. Adam Horne enjoys drinking eggnog and Mr. Molnar’s favorite Christmas food is “ham, the way my wife makes it.”  Mr. Greco celebrates Christmas Eve with his family, and they enjoy steak, lobster, and homemade spaghetti for dinner.  

Certain teachers follow traditions during the holidays, or they might forge a whole new tradition of their own to share with their families.  Mrs. Donna Kimmel likes Santa Claus figures and has a continually growing collection that she adds to every year.  Mr. Molnar adopted an entire new tradition this year.  His cats have become increasingly fond of his Christmas tree, so he has had to “fish them out,” meaning that he physically reaches into the tree to pull them out. Mr. Baker said that he does not have a tradition because (in his own words), “I’m a bah humbug kinda person.”  

Regardless of the variety of ways to celebrate Christmas, the staff always finds time to be with their families and friends during this special time of year.  Mr. Molnar may perhaps summarize it the best, “I believe on giving a gift that keeps on giving.”  

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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