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Waffle Iron cooking trend sweeps the nation

By Kassidy Trace and Paige Coon, staff writers

Waffle irons are not just for waffles any more. There is a new, quicker and more fun way to KIMG0251cook meals. Many find their inspiration from pinterest and shows on the Food Network. Saegertown ESL teacher Mr. Justin Hayes said, “I enjoy cooking pizzas, cinnamon rolls, tater tots and scrambled eggs.”

These recipes put a fun twist on the traditional ways of cooking. One of the most popular recipes is pizza pockets. All it takes is three simple ingredients, pillsbury biscuits, cheese

A variety of simple snacks can be made with the use of a waffle iron including desserts such as brownies and biscuits with your favorite fillings.

and your desired topping or fillings. First you stuff your pillsbury biscuit with the cheese and topping and then simply stick it in the waffle iron and cook it until it is golden brown. Other creative things to make in a waffle iron include grilled cheese, apple pies, cheese waffles, frittata waffles, pretzels, brownies, and S’mores.

For the people who are looking for recipes, baked apples, veggie omelets and zucchini waffles are some healthy alternatives that are gaining popularity. Baked apples are simple to make. This dish consists of apple slices lightly sprinkled with sugar on each side, and then put on the waffle iron until they look

Dinners such as chicken and broccoli pizzas can also be made with the use of a waffle iron.

thoroughly cooked. This will only take a minute. From sweet to savory there will always be something new to make. So, pick up a waffle iron and join in on the exciting new trend.




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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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