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New Barbie sends a new message

By Kassidy Trace, staff writer


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.39.25 AM.pngIn March 1959, the world was forever changed when Mattel came out with the original Barbie. Barbie was the perfect girl; everyone wanted to be Barbie. She was inspired by the Russian doll Bild Lilli who also presented an unrealistic image of the perfect body. In 2016 Mattel came out with a new line of Barbies from tall to short and slim to curvy. Now, every girl can have her own perfect Barbie.

Instead of filling children’s heads with unrealistic expectations to be the perfect blonde Barbie, people can now feel great with the body they have. Children won’t say, “Why can’t I have Barbie’s body?” Young girls can finally feel good about themselves and happy with the bodies they have. They don’t have to feel insecure not matching up to the expectations of the toy doll from 1959.

Who’s to say what the perfect body is? “I think it’s good for young girls and people to have more than just one stereotype. I don’t think there’s such thing as the perfect body,” said history teacher Mrs. Dee Henry.

According to the Medical Dictionary, “Barbie Doll Syndrome” is the drive, often of adolescent girls, to attain impossible standards of beauty projected by toys. This can lead to issues such as depression, self image, eating disorders, and body image.

Women have even had surgeries to look like Barbie. Society made these young ladies think that she was the perfect girl, and to be good enough, they needed to be her. Will Ken, Barbie’s perfect boyfriend, be the next to change? The popular television show “My Strange Addiction” had an episode featuring a Ken doll look-alike named Justin Jedlica. He has had multiple surgeries to look like Ken and is obsessed with being perfect like him. Justin now has become famous as the “Walking  Ken Doll.” He is not the only one doing this. Barbie and Ken have both started this trend. Hopefully, the new line of Barbies is one step closer to reality and showing people that you don’t need to look like Ken or Barbie to be perfect. You are your own perfect.  





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