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Miss Trinh makes a mark in math classes

By Kassidy Trace, staff writer

Miss Megan Trinh, who has been student teaching in math with Mr. Steve Simcheck, leaves Saegertown on Friday, March 11. “Anything and everything could go wrong. I can

Miss Trinh leaves for Walnut Creek Middle School on March 11, where she will complete another half semester in order to graduate.

make mistakes but it’s okay because everyone does, but learning from them is the biggest most important thing,” said Trinh.

She completed her junior field experience at East High School in Erie prior to coming to Saegertown, but she had never run a class completely on her own.  “There’s no comparison between inner city schools and rural area schools such as this one,” said Trinh. “My favorite thing [at Saegertown] has been the kids. They absolutely made this an amazing experiment I couldn’t ask for a better group of kids,” said Trinh.

From here, Miss. Trinh has another half semester at Walnut Creek Middle School, then she will graduate. After graduation she plans to attend grad school to get her masters degree. Trinh wants to attend grad school right away so she doesn’t have to worry about it later on and take time away from future students. During student teaching, Trinh had a busy schedule, juggling classes of her own as well as teaching several classes here.

As a student teacher, Miss Trinh completed lesson plans, homework, and fun creative games. Instead of just teaching the kids, she got them involved. “If I could change one thing it would have been to be more stern with my students. I’m very relaxed. I wish I would’ve been more on top of things with my misbehaving students,” said Trinh. Overall, Miss Trinh will be missed by her students and the teachers here at Saegertown. “I’m going to miss her she really helped me and she’s really organized,” said sophomore Stefanie Arblaster, a student of Trinhs.





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