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Cloverfield captivates audiences in terror

By Benjamin Haylett, broadcast team

“10 Cloverfield Lane” follows Michelle, a young woman who runs away from her husband,  gets into a car accident, and loses consciousness. When she comes to, Michelle finds herself trapped in an underground bunker with two men, Elliot and Howard. It is revealed to Michelle that Howard built the fallout shelter in preparation for the impending apocalypse, and Elliot fought his way into the shelter and broke his arm doing so. Michelle and Elliot hatch a plan to escape after a dark secret is discovered about Howard.

“10 Cloverfield Lane” is the sequel to the 2008 hit “Cloverfield,” but while the original was a “found footage film” where the camera is very shaky throughout, “10 Cloverfield unnamedLane” is a traditional motion picture. The camera work is beautifully done and artistic, and at some points is reminiscent of its predecessor, without inducing motion sickness.

The acting from the entire cast is excellent, but it is John Goodman who really takes the spotlight as the mentally deranged “doomsday prepper on steroids.” Goodman’s performance is on par with that of Kathy Bates in the movie adaptation of the Stephen King classic “Misery.” His creepy mannerisms and unfriendly demeanor are the backbone that supports the true terror the audience feels throughout the entirety of the film.

I would highly recommend “10 Cloverfield Lane” to anyone who enjoys plot and character-driven scares. It has very few cheap scares and none of the gratuitous gore that seem to pervade today’s horror movies. That being said, “10 Cloverfield Lane” contains intense scenes that display man’s inhumanity towards fellow man, violence, and brief language, that make it inappropriate for small children. If you want R quality scares in a PG-13 movie, then “10 Cloverfield Lane” is for you.

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