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Twins share ups and downs

By Michala Medved and Sarah Shaw, staff writers

As you walk through the hallways at SHS, do you ever claim to see double? We promise you’re not going crazy – you may just be looking at a set of twins. Saegertown may be one of the smallest schools in the area, but we do have four sets of twins. Many of us wonder what it’s like to have a twin. We have questions like: Is ‘twin telepathy’ real? Do twins get along better than regular siblings? Which one was born first?

Seventh graders Dixie and Ripley Kindervater are the youngest set of twins in our school. They recently turned 13 in January. So what’s it like to have a twin of the opposite gender? Although they aren’t the typical same gender set of twins that wear matching clothes and share the same interests, they do have some things in common.

“We both like hunting and fishing and outdoorsy things, but we still fight,” said Dixie, who is the eldest by two minutes. Despite having few arguments, the Kindervaters’ enjoy having each other as their twin. Ripley described his sister as “stylish” and she described him as “short.” Though the Kindervaters cannot read each other’s minds or feel when the other is hurting, they can do one special thing. “We sometimes talk at the same time,” they said.

Seniors Ben and Zach Courson, the oldest set of twins at Saegertown, say that being twins “has its ups and downs.” One of the things considered a plus is that having a twin never gets lonely. Though these twins look similar on the outside, they are very different on the inside.  Ben said, “I’m more outgoing and Zach’s more shy.” However, they are both musically talented and share the same friends. You may have already known that, but did you know that their names should be switched?

“Our mom wanted our names to be alphabetically ordered by which one of us was born first, so since Zach came first, he should’ve been Ben. But when the nurse asked our dad what our names were, he freaked out and switched them around,” said Ben.

Mrs. Janyce Brawn poses with a picture of her twin sister Janet.

One of our teachers at Saegertown is also a twin. Spanish teacher Mrs. Janyce Brawn has a twin sister who shares many of the same interests. In fact, her sister Janet is a teacher as well. She teaches English as a second language at Franklin Regional High school near Pittsburgh. They usually wear the same colors, and both love to read, write, and draw. In their middle school years, they swapped on April Fools for a prank. Unfortunately, one of the sisters had to give up the act because of an important test the other had to take.

Saegertown’s twins are unique in their own ways, but they have all had the opportunity to experience the everyday life of being a twin and the ups and downs that come with it.

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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