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Forgetful kids rejoice for Mother’s Day

Benjamin Haylett, broadcast team

Did you forget about Mother’s Day? Feel like you let your mom down? Want to make it up to her? There’s still time! Go take her to see “Mother’s Day before it leaves the theaters!

“Mother’s Day” follows many different characters as they try to survive their hectic Mother’s Day weekend. Garry Marshall, the director of other holiday themed movies such as “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”, brings his signature style to “Mother’s Day”. While all the characters seem disconnected at the beginning of the movie, it’s inevitable unnamed-2that their stories become intertwined as the plot thickens.

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Kate Hudson all lend their acting chops to the fun and light hearted movie. Every character is perfectly cast, and the chemistry between all the actors can clearly be seen throughout the movie. Jennifer Aniston in particular really lets you empathize with her, and really feel bad for her character when her life starts to unravel.

“Mother’s Day” blurs the line between comedy and “feel-good movie.” While there are some funny scenes, serious moments of true sadness and love bring the movie into a more well rounded category. If Mother’s Day had to be put into any category or genre, it would have to go with Marshall’s previous works.

If you want to see a cute feel-good movie soon, go see “Mother’s Day”. If anything, go see it just to show your mom that you didn’t completely forget her special day.

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