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Superintendent Healey plays ball

By Caitlin Bieganski, opinion editor

Who could be a better role model for young students than the superintendent himself? During the school year, students from Mrs. Heather Mook’s first period class received occasional Friday visits from Superintendent Michael Healey, and they were strongly impacted by his willingness to stop by, say hello, and just chat about their days. Touched, Healey then decided to offer them an incentive each nine weeks in order to motivate them further. Students Jacob Cummings, Isaac Levis, Foxx Mook, and Jacob Weed strived to succeed each grading period to participate in these fun activities, which culminated on June 1 in an exciting game of Home Run Derby, which Healey described as being like wiffle ball.

After the first nine weeks of hard work, the kids were rewarded with a tour of Central Office. Next, they took trip to Healey’s office to see his autographed baseball. This was followed by a pizza luncheon in the third nine weeks, before the grand finale of Healey’s incentives — the game.

“I used to play ball when I was a kid. I thought this would be cool since they (the boys) happen to be ball players as well,” said Healey.

The boys battled against the superintendent, Mrs. Mook, and business manager Ms. Dutchot. It was a tight game and ended with a surprising 5 – 5 tie after three innings. “Tissues were handed out, but no-one had to use them,” said Mrs. Mook.




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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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