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Señora says ‘Adios’

By Hannah Draa, staff writer

“God bless you. Keep doing what you’re doing,” said soon to be retired Spanish teacher Janyce Brawn. After teaching off and on from 1978, Senora is looking forward to taking a break. “I need a vacation. I’m looking forward to doing something very different,” she said. Senora has always enjoyed working with kids which is what helped her decide what to do for a profession. However, Senora Brawn didn’t always want to be a Spanish teacher. “I enjoyed working with kids, and originally I thought I’d be teaching art because I enjoyed the creativity with it. No one in this area was hiring, and my husband worked in Erie so when I couldn’t find an art job I decided to teach English as a second language. Eventually I ended up with my degrees in Spanish and ESL program specialist certification.”

Through the years,  some of Senora’s favorite memories have been experiencing the joy of watching students’ eyes light up after they finally understand something. Some of her other fondest memories, of course, have happened on the annual Spanish club trip to Pittsburgh. Senora Brawn has also had some not so fond memories in her years of teaching as well. “Well, I had my life threatened up in Erie which is why I decided to come teach at Saegertown. The woman threatened my life because she didn’t want her son in my Spanish class, and I didn’t want him either. I left school that day after being warned to watch out for this woman. I was getting a cappuccino when I saw her and her son, and I thought that if they tried anything I’d throw it at them,” said Senora.

When it comes to Senora’s fellow teachers, she has some advice. “Don’t lower your standards. Keep raising the standards for the kids. Keep doing what you’re doing, and Saegertown’s quality will stay high.” Senora also has some advice she wants the students of Saegertown to remember. “Don’t take the easy way out. Do your best and expect the best from yourself and others. You won’t be disappointed.” Senora isn’t the only one leaving SHS this year. Senora is saying goodbye right along side the Class of 2016, and she is offering her wisdom to them as well. “Whatever you do, give it your all. Pursue your dreams. Money isn’t everything.”


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