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Junior high students take town tour

By Lauren Haylett, junior high staff

“We should know the importance and heritage of our town,” said Oliver Smith. Eighth grade students participated in the annual Saegertown Walking Tour on Thursday, June 2. The students learned about Saegertown’s history as they visited sites that they drive by everyday.

To start the field trip, former Saegertown teacher and Saegertown historian, Mrs. Linda Fink discussed the history of the Saegertown Inn. Dariann Beebe said, “I liked whenever we talked with Mrs. Fink by French Creek. It was the first thing we did, and we could see where the parts of the Saegertown Inn used to be as she talked about them.”

A representative from the Mizner Funeral Home also spoke to the eighth graders. He gave insights on what the funeral home does, and how the funeral home was run when it was first started in 1892. “I thought it was pretty impressive how long it’s been open. I mean around here there’s not much that sticks around for that long; the Saegertown Inn got completely destroyed,” said Ashley Wenzel.

 A main site along the tour was the Patrick McGill house where the students were able to tour the home and see how people lived in the early 1800s. Liam Sood said, “I liked the McGill house because it was neat to feel like you were stepping back really far into history, and it seemed really boring to live back then, but it was still kinda cool.”

Many of the students on the trip enjoyed the Saegertown Area Heritage Museum that shows the progression of Saegertown from 1824 to 2016. “My favorite part was the museum because they had so many cool artifacts,” said Josh McWright. Residents of the Saegertown area have donated relics to the Historical Society and are on display at the museum. English teacher, Mr. Brad Wise, said, “I had not been to the Historical Society in several years, and the amount of stuff that they’ve added, and the historical values of it: amazing.”

The students ate lunch at Jordan Park and then were treated to ice cream at the Dairy Inn courtesy of the seventh and eighth grade class council.  The eighth grade then traveled to the Saegertown Cemetery on Grange Center Road where they completed a scavenger hunt.

Overall, the walking tour informed the students and brought to light the significance of Saegertown. Kaylee Mulligan said, “I thought the trip was amazing to learn about all the neat things that happened in Saegertown’s history, and how the town could’ve been a big deal, but it just didn’t end up that way.”

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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