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Junior high football: Saegertown doubles down in rematch tonight

By Tyler Brooks and Jeff Baldwin, staff writers

Hopes were high after halftime for the Saegertown Panthers. During the first game against Maplewood on Sept. 15. Jacob Reisinger, eighth grade quarterback, ran back a kick return for a Panthers touchdown. Reisinger would have three more scores for his team, racking up 24 of the team’s points. Unfortunately, the Panthers could not rally back and beat the Tigers, resulting in a 32-44 loss.  

“We really need to work on team chemistry,” Reisinger said. “We don’t really do as well as we should.”

The junior high Panthers will face off in a rematch against the Tigers tonight. The underclassmen are especially excited for the rematch.

“We need to block better,” seventh grader Alex Kightlinger said. “If we do we can kick some butt!”

Even though team captain, Jaden Reagle, has been sidelined with an injury he suffered during their game against Wilmington, he still hopes for a big win.

The crew is prepared to face the rest of the year, but Reisinger warned the team that they need to be confident without being cocky, a problem they have been having all year.

The team is hoping to win the rest of their games as well as build a team bond that lasts through their senior year. Head coach Mike Gregor said it best: “In the end, we just want the kids to stick to the program and have fun.”

For live updates from the game, follow us on twitter @PantherPressSHS.


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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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