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Students attend Behrend`s annual Physics Day

By Austin Brown, news editor

On Nov. 22 Saegertown`s Physics students joined over 100 other students from several  area schools at Penn State Behrend`s annual Physics Day. The day consisted of a physics competition, experiments, and live demonstrations. 

For the competition, Saegertown students were separated into four different teams. Coming in tenth, the Fathers` of Physics were the highest placing team for Saegertown. Saegertown teams also placed second in the physics challenge and fifth in the Jeopardy game.

“I am going to go into [physics] class with a different mindset now. I intend to use my broader understanding of physics to my advantage,” said senior Dustin Bierman. The competition was Bierman`s favorite part of the day. “I really enjoyed the physics jeopardy because it was fun and was the most interesting thing we did.”

But the overwhelming majority of students favored the DEMO show which looked to demonstrate a variety of physics principals primarily involving sound waves. Senior Kole Schlosser said, “The explosions were awesome!”

Overall the experiences gained met Mrs. Melissa Statman’s intentions for taking the trip. “I am hoping that they have a broader understanding of physics and an appreciation of comradery. It was important for them to work together as a physics team.”

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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