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Uggs: hot or not?

By Stefanie Arblaster, website editor

It’s cold outside, and chances are you’re probably making some changes to your wardrobe. Whether it be sweaters or scarves, we all have some sort of attire we break out when the temperatures drop. And UGGs, the authentic Australian sheepskin boot, are seen on almost everyone during this time of year.  

UGGs were created by Australian surfer Brian Smith in 1978 and are made from sheepskin and suede, creating a comfortable, stylish boot that will keep your feet warm. On average,  the boots retail for around $200.

Sophomore Miquel Robison is an avid owner of UGGs. Between she and her four sisters, they’ve owned eight pairs. “My favorite pair definitely have to be my plain tan ones because I can wear them with almost anything,” said Robison.

Although these shoes are a classic for most people this season, they’ve caused some controversy throughout the years. In 2007, actress and model Pamela Anderson called for a boycott of the UGG boots because they’re made from sheepskin. Technically, sheepskin is a by-product of the brand, meaning that no sheep are killed during the production of UGGs and the amount of skin they use is limited. Senior and sheep herder Austin Brown confirmed this fact. “The meat is the most valuable part of the animal. The skin is just a by-product of the meat industry,” said Brown.

The brand keeps strict regulations on the suppliers they endorse to meet specific animal welfare policies and try to alleviate animal cruelty as much as possible. You can read their animal welfare faqs at

Senior Morgan Kightlinger is an advocate for animal welfare. After learning how the brand uses actual animal fur, she threw out her UGGS and purchased Bearpaws, a cheaper and more animal friendly alternative to UGGs. “I refused to have a pair (of UGGs). It makes me sad to really have anything with real animal fur,” said Kightlinger.




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