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Colonial Days tradition scaled back at Saegertown

By Kassie Boyd, staff writer 

A memorable part of every student’s eighth grade experience has been “Colonial Days,” a culmination of assignments and projects based on an America of the past. In the past, several weeks have been devoted to studying, citing, and writing an in-depth paper about an aspect of colonial life, including everything from seamstresses to military uniforms. This year, however, things are a little different.

Instead of a topic, this year’s eighth graders are learning about people from colonial times, such as George Washington or Abigail Adams. With this change comes a much broader range of information available. Each student was allowed to choose who they wanted to research based upon a brief summary given in Mrs. Kara Bechtel’s social studies class. In addition, the students who had Mr. Lipps for history also completed a powerpoint on a colonial occupation before choosing a person and starting their research paper.

Some students have commented on a descending emphasis on Colonial Days. Freshman Ashley Wenzel said, “I kinda liked it [being less involved] because I could focus on the project, and on a good grade, instead of trying to get everything, and plan an outfit, or snack or anything.”

With so many changes in the junior high, hopefully the tradition can adapt and continue at Saegertown. Many look back at the experience with fondness and optimism that future generations can take part in Colonial Days as well.


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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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