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Roundabout construction continues

By Grant Phelan, staff writer 

We all have noticed that there are no longer workers in hard hats with “Stop/Slow” signs in their hands standing on the side of 198. No more cones, and no more fifteen minute waits in a line of cars as long as the Great Wall of China. Some of us are finding this a relief, while others have asked, “What’s going on with this roundabout construction now?” “Why are the houses gone?” “When will construction be completed?”

Well, here’s the update.

Due to the winter weather common to our area, the construction has been postponed until at least early spring when the weather gets warmer and more ideal for road work. “Forty percent of the south project has been completed,” said Borough Manager Chuck Lawrence Jr. “The weather being cooperative enough is the reason we have been able to get that done, there has been 4,500 feet of sidewalk completed as well.”  

Meanwhile, six houses along Route 19 between the Dairy Isle and One Credit Union have been torn down and are currently being cleaned up. This will create the room needed for the roundabout. On March 15, the bridge on the north project is scheduled be closed, and the yellow lane lines will be moved multiple times throughout construction to keep traffic flowing.

“We are hoping by early fall for it to be reopened,” said Lawrence. “I recommend for those who are unfamiliar with them to visit PennDOT’s website and find their interactive on roundabout’s. Learn how to drive them for the future.”
To learn more about h

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