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Spanish students strut in fashion show

By Kassie Boyd and Cami Reynolds, staff writers

On Jan. 19, students from Maplewood, Cambridge and Saegertown went head to head in a Spanish inspired, Spanish speaking fashion show. PENNCREST Spanish teachers Miss Nova Dinsmore and Mrs. Brooke Lewis orchestrated the fashion show as a new, direct way to learn. “The most difficult part was correlating everything,” said Miss Dinsmore. “Students really didn’t know what to expect with a performance-based project this time.”

This year has been ripe with change for Spanish students at Saegertown High School. Following the retirement of Mrs. Janyce Brawn, Dinsmore joined the Saegertown staff, and she has brought some new and exciting changes and traditions.

At the fashion show, students had the chance to meet new people and watch their peers on stage. “I feel like it went better than expected,” said Saegertown sophomore Gabe DeYoung. Students from Maplewood and Cambridge joined together in the auditorium for a large-scale collaboration. “It’s kind of embarrassing, but I don’t really care,” said sophomore Layla Joseph from Maplewood. “I know these people, they know me, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Groups of students took turns walking across stage in their best outfits for a fashion show, or al desfile de moda. One member controlled the microphone and described the outfits, personalities, interests, and physical attributes, all in Spanish.

Afterwards, each student who had participated in the fashion show wrote a short review of what they enjoyed, what they didn’t, and how performance based projects could be improved in the future. “Even students agree it should’ve been more creative,” said Dinsmore. This suggests the first of more to come for current and upcoming Spanish students. 

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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