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Extension period update: new guidelines released amid mixed reviews

by Rachel Barner, news editor and Kaitlyn Walsh, features editor

The third extension period was held yesterday afternoon, and new guidelines for this time were released to the students and staff.

According to these guidelines, this “is a time for teachers to be actively monitoring the students in their group,” and it is not a free time for the students. It requires the students to be working at all times or participating in group activities without their iPads or their phones. It is like a normal class, such as needing a pass to leave and the teacher knowing where the student is going.

So far, opinions are mixed, and these periods are falling into two camps:  team building and work sessions.  

“I think it is a good opportunity to relax from the school day to wind down little bit. We sit in a group circle and we get a worksheet with different activities on it. We don’t have a giant group, so it is more one on one,”  said senior Jackie Galford, who is in Mr. William Hetrick’s extension period.

Freshman Sam Shelenberger is in Mr. Adam Horne’s extension period, and he has similar thoughts about the extension period. “I feel like it is a good idea because it is basically a tutorial so we can get our work done, but it is not every day so we are not bored,” Shelenberger said.

Freshman Morgan Murphy, who has Mrs. Heather Papinchak, said it is treated like a tutorial. “I feel like it is a good time for catching up on work,” Murphy said. She would not change this because she can finish up her art projects, and she feels a closer connection to the students in her class.

In addition, some students feel out of place within their groups. “I was put in a room of freshman so I didn’t feel comfortable opening up. I tried to move out of it, but I wasn’t allowed and I am really annoyed. Mr. Horne is really cool and understanding about it, though,” senior Kalib Kiser said.

Others just want time to work. “I wish it were like a tutorial, especially playing a sport. I could be using that time better for myself,” sophomore Megan Walsh said.

How do you feel about this? If you want your voice to be heard about this extension period, please email or





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