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The true YouTube experience

By Kaitlyn Walsh, features editor

It’s a boring Saturday night. All of your friends are out doing stuff without you, and you don’t want to sleep the night away. What do you do? You turn to the internet. YouTube, to be specific. You probably know of some YouTube channels that are already pretty popular, such as PewDiePie or Jenna Marbles. But there are a few that you may not know about, and they’re just as entertaining.

Zefrank1  is one of my personal favorites. He makes videos called ‘True Facts,’ which showcase animals that people might not know much about such as the Anglerfish or the Sea Pig. His monotonous voice is very interesting, and makes learning fun for those of you who would rather poke your eye out than learn anything new.

BigCatDerek is another favorite of mine. Derek Krahn, an Operations Director for a non-profit big cat sanctuary in Texas, makes vlogs of the cats that are in his care. You can get up close and personal with Solano, the one-eyed white tiger, or Cassie the mountain lion. It’s an experience that you may not get to have in real life, but the Internet is the next best bet.

Arf is a popular internet obscurity, perfect for when you have nothing to do and don’t want to do anything of substance. The entire channel is nothing but popular songs remixed with the yappy barking of Gabe the Dog. Popular videos include Bork Busters, Jurassic Bork, and Careless Bork.  

Whatever you decide to watch, I hope this miniature guide will point you in a good direction. Happy internet travels Saegertown.

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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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