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Unicorn magic and other varieties come to Starbucks

By Francis Jageacks, staff writer

People need a lot of caffeine to wake up in the morning, or if you’re majestic enough, maybe some unicorn magic.

Starbucks started selling their new Unicorn Frappacino as a part of their happy hour deal on April 19 until the stores sold out of the product. This monumental frappuccino is a blend of mango and blue raspberry syrup, cream mixed with pink and blue sour powder, topped off with vanilla whipped cream and some blue drizzle.

What was it that made consumers run to this product? Is it the illusion of its colorful ingredients that makes it seem like it’s made from unicorns, or is it all the sweet sugar that made people run to Starbucks with their iPhones?

Let’s start with the blue drizzle. It’s actually the mocha syrup with skim milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, and butter. The mango syrup and the colour powders are made of dextrose, fruit and vegetable color, and citric acid. The drizzle is pretty natural, but the powders are just sugar with food coloring.

The creator of the drink, food stylist Adeline Waugh, was exploring the idea of fun and colorful food that does not contain any artificial coloring. Waugh created unicorn toast that was posted on Teen Vogue that led to this idea of the Unicorn drink. The idea of unicorn food or adding style to food is a way of marketing. It’s equivalent to the iconic Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos or Little Caesars pretzel pizza crust. People are trying this limited time drink to gain an experience that they can post on their social media.

The Unicorn frappuccino has led to other underground variations of the drink such as the unicorn lemonade and the dragon frappuccino. When the baristas ran out of ingredients for the unicorn drinks or when they were on break, they played with different ingredients for their own enjoyment, and they created some new underground drinks.

Starbucks is still debating  if the unicorn drink will come back as a limited time drink or as a regular menu item. 

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