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Career search: Becoming a Veterinary Technician

by Hannah Myers, staff writer

Being a junior, I have been scrambling around all school year trying to decide what I should be. One of the great interests in my life is horses. I have been riding and training horses with Hobbs Hollow Stable since I was 8 years old.

When one of the horses I work with, Westfield, got caught in the gate and broke his splint bone, I realized I enjoyed taking care of him and helping him recover, thus my idea of being an Equine Rehabilitation therapist was born. To do this, I learned that I would first have to train to be a Vet Tech, or Veterinary Technician. The thought of being a Vet Tech worried me because I wasn’t sure I could handle doing the things they do.

On Wednesday, Apr. 26, I was given the chance to watch a surgery. When one of the ponies I had been working with, Zoe, grew a possibly cancerous tumor (we later found out it was from a fungal infection) on her neck, I jumped at the chance to go to a professional equine clinic Called the Cleveland Equine clinic. While I was there, I experienced many things that Vet Techs do. I watched lameness tests which are given when a horse, or any animal really, has something wrong with their legs, hips, and joints. I was also able to study an x-ray and observe Zoe’s surgery. I was originally worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing the pony I have grown quite attached to being cut into; however, that was not the case, and I found myself very intrigued and excited.

Now I know that even though I haven’t experienced all of what it takes to be a Vet Tech, I got a taste of what it’s like, and I am now one step closer to deciding what my future career will be. If you have had an experience like mine that has led you to a particular career path, contact me so I can tell your story.

(photo caption: Zoe recovers at Hobbs Hollow Stables after having a tumor removed from her neck. photo credit: Hannah Myers)



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