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Homecoming dress code unchanged for this year

By Autumn Jones, marketing director

With recent changes in the dress code, many are asking: “What about homecoming?” Many girls are fretting over whether they will be allowed to wear the dresses with which they fell in love when they tried them on. The Panther Press has the answers to all of your homecoming dress code questions.

hoco dress code.jpg
Seniors (left to right) Haley Hess, Marissa Henry, Autumn Jones, and Courtney Delizio before their junior year homecoming in 2016.

“I spoke with Mr. Baker and Mrs. Keller about what has been done in the past, and it has never been a problem,” said Assistant Principal Kylene Koper. She added that the previous dress code is going to remain in place for this year’s homecoming dance. This means that strapless and two piece dresses are acceptable. If you have a two piece dress, the showing of your stomach is required to be no more than 3 inches between the top of the dress and the skirt.

With regard to any inappropriate attire, Mrs. Koper said, “It will be handled individually. Your dress may be a little shorter than I would like, but if you handle yourself appropriately, it won’t be a problem.” However, the homecoming assembly dresses must follow school dress code of two inch straps and no more than three inches above the knee.

Mrs. Koper also noted that if there is a large group of inappropriately dressed students at this year’s dance, then there will be a stricter, official dress code for all other school dances.



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