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Junior high students take on the new school year

by Dayna Woodruff, staff writer


7th grade web post
Seventh graders Savanna Manross, Kylie Beck, Trinity Umland, and eighth grader Brittany Houck (left to right) have settled in to the new year.

School is back in session, and the junior high students are loving the change. The transition from the elementary school to the junior high is challenging, but the new seventh graders are handling it well. Most kids like the freedom  they have now. Seventh graders Trinity Umland and Kylie Beck say that their favorite part of school is sitting with their friends at lunch, and having the opportunity to eat lunch outside.

As for classes, both Beck and fellow seventh grader Savanna Manross love English class. Beck said, “Mr. Wise is such a funny person, and I love to be around him.” Umland prefers music. “Mrs. James always seems to make the boring things more fun,” she said.  Eighth grader Brittany Houck said, “The teachers are more comfortable talking to us,” due to some teachers having the eighth graders in class last year.

The junior high is also gearing up for the homecoming dance, which seems to be a big event for the seventh graders. Beck said, “I’m really looking forward to homecoming and how fun it will be.” Umland is excited about the homecoming dance and the snowball dance that will take place in the winter.

Although the work and responsibility can get tough, the students seem to be loving the new school year so far.  




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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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