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Technology upgrade at Saegertown: students receive new iPads

by Hannah Myers, photo editor

Seventh Grader Ella Worley uses a new iPad during lunch.

The technology at Saegertown has received an upgrade from previous years. About 1,100 new full-size iPads with keyboards were purchased for students in grades seven through nine across the district. Last year, we learned that the cost for these iPads was roughly $398 a piece along with the Logitech Rugged Keyboard/Case Combo.

While students in grades seven through nine received the new devices, those in grades ten through twelve have kept the same iPad minis they have had throughout their high school career. If something happens to an iPad mini, the student will be given a replacement because technology staff have about a hundred on reserve due to the decrease in enrollment each year and the new devices that have been provided.

“They work nice, but I think they’re way too big, and when you go to put the keyboard behind the iPad, it disconnects from it; but as the year goes on, you get used to it,” freshman Cassie Dross said. Not all students feel negatively. “I like working with the keyboard better,” freshman Ella Nicholson said. “It’s easier to use than the one on the iPads.”

While generally efficient, there have been several complaints about the new iPads. “If a student has a problem with charging or an app download, they can restart the iPad and most problems are resolved,” said Jason Williams, PENNCREST supervisor of technology.

The future plans for the iPad are that every student will receive a new, full-size iPad with the keyboard and case combo.



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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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