Workrooms provide push in positive direction: Next incentive day scheduled for February 23

by Kaitlyn Kozalla, staff writer

While some students spent their last day before Christmas break enjoying a multitude of festive activities, students who chose not do their work were in teacher-supervised workrooms. On Dec. 21, the workroom gave an opportunity for students to complete their work during the Lip Sync and participate in the afternoon activities once all of their incomplete assignments were finished.

Assistant Principal Kylene Koper noted the promotion of fun activities or rewards helps convince students get work turned in. “The day work was due, there were around one hundred thirty students with incomplete work. By the end of the day, there were around fifty,” Mrs. Koper said. She also added her thoughts of improvements for the workrooms. “Next time we want to have some hard copies of assignments for students. We also want extra iPads or laptops, extra pencils, and for students to bring a book to read when they’re done.”

There were differing opinions on the workroom. Some students failed to utilize the opportunity. “I didn’t get much done because there were students who were talking non-stop while other people were trying to get stuff done,” tenth grader Joshua McWright said.

While some students had a negative attitude, others were very optimistic. “The workroom was nice,” said seventh grader Montana White. “I got to spend time working on what I needed to work on.”

The workroom supervisors in the morning were Mr. Adam Horne for seventh and eighth, Mr. Richard Rutkowski for ninth and tenth, and Mrs. Heather Mook for eleventh and twelfth grade. “The students were doing their work, and they worked well,” Mr. Rutkowski said.

In the afternoon, Mr. Brad Wise supervised the middle schoolers while Mrs. Melissa Statman was in charge of the high school students. “It was absolutely productive,” Mrs. Statman said. “Every single person was working the entire time. Most of the kids were pretty good natured about it. There was even some camaraderie with kids who had the same teachers and assignments working together to get done.” She also noted that four or five students finished all their work during the afternoon and were able to go to an activity.

The next activity on February 23 will include a teachers vs. students dodgeball tournament as part of the day’s festivities. Again, the purpose of these activities, according to Mrs. Koper, is to reward students for getting their work turned in before the end of the nine weeks and to build community spirit in the school. So take note; make sure you turn in your work in time to participate in the next fun-filled day.

Principals’ talk will return next week. Stay tuned for the topic of a new attendance incentive.

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