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Students travel to Winter Jam for inspiration

by Kaitlyn Kozalla, staff writer

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Saegertown students traveled to Winter Jam in Cleveland on Feb. 9. 

Winter Jam is an annual music tour featuring Christian music of all genres, and on February 9, several members of the Crawford County Campus Life group (including myself) ventured to the Wolstein Center in Cleveland to take part in this inspiring event. “Winter Jam made me realize the only one who matters is God. It showed me how powerful and astounding God can be,” said sophomore, Ashley Merritt.

The nine students who attended left from Common Grounds at 1:20 p.m. on Friday to begin their journey. Arriving at the event, we were greeted by the sounds of music and a long line.

After getting our tickets, we found our seats and had time to look at some of the merchandise available from the band vendors. Pre-Jam had begun, and suddenly the whole crowd was standing up and cheering for the first band, Westover. After Westover, Mallary Hope hit the stage, and finally, Dan Bremnes rocked the stadium.

A flash of bright lights and loud bass queued in the beginning of the Jam party. The concert lineup included Jordan Feliz, John Christ, Newsong, KB, Nick Hall, Kari Jobe, Building 429, and finally Skillet.

“Winter Jam was another amazing experience for me! It gets better and better every year when your with people around you, it for sure is the best,” said senior Devin Nearhoof. “The feeling you have walking in with the music playing is something to remember. It was well worth the two and a half hour drive.”

The concert lasted around six hours, and it radiated positive energy. Never before have I seen a community be so enthusiastic about a faith-related event. If you’re not sure about your faith and you want to experience a life-changing event, you should look into Winter Jam. More details at



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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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