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Saegertown’s Ferguson starts Odd New Era Clothing

by Scout Van Cise, editor-in-chief

image1 (1)Just three years ago, Saegertown graduate Breana Ferguson had a vision. She dreamed to start her own clothing line that fit the style of the millennial generation in which she was raised. After spending countless hours on her computer learning everything there is to know about creating a website, starting a clothing line, and searching for a style to create, Ferguson’s dream came to life.

Ferguson’s clothing line, Odd New Era Clothing, became available for purchase in February of 2018. “When it came time to pick a name, Odd New Era stuck out to me. I am a millennial. I was raised differently from my parents. My generation is tech-savvy, untraditional, and out of control. As a millennial, we do not associate with other generations because we are the next era,” Ferguson wrote on her website. “We understand each other. We may not be odd, but we are the new era.”

Ferguson has recently been organizing new designs and products to sell. “It’s a lot of work especially with college and sports. Hopefully it will be rewarding, but it’s still enjoyable to me either way,” Ferguson said.

Odd New Era Clothing creates products for snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX and other sports. Check out Ferguson’s clothing line at and follow Odd New Era Clothing on Facebook to support her dream.



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