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Art students create cover for Alumni Banquet

by Hannah Nicholson, opinion editor

From left to right, Meadow Campbell, Carla Conrad, Melanie Twiford, and Paula Stachuletz

Several weeks ago, Saegertown art teacher Mrs. Papinchak assigned her students to create a cover for the program of the Saegertown Alumni Association’s annual banquet. This is a yearly assignment for Papinchak’s students, but this year the outcome was unusual. While there is usually just one winner chosen, this year there were three: Paula Stachuletz, Melanie Twiford, and Meadow Campbell.

“I thought it was really nice that they picked three winners this year. There were a lot of entries,” Papinchak said. Carla Conrad, a representative for the alumni association, met with the students personally to deliver the checks for their contributions to the banquet. Each student received $25.

The students were all happily surprised to have won. “I was very surprised. I did not expect to win, so it is a pleasure that I actually did,” Campbell said.  

The banquet will be held at Smith’s Country Garden on August 4 where the three art pieces will be displayed.


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