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Firehouse Tap & Grille rekindles former Mickey’s Central Fire Station

by Nick Archacki, staff writer

20180520_183348For twenty one years, Mickey’s Central Fire Station was a mainstay in the Meadville community as owners Dave and Cynthia Stone transformed a former firehouse into a fantastic restaurant and bar to reunite with friends or watch your favorite sports teams play against their rivals. However, supervising the restaurant became a very difficult task to handle for both Cynthia and Dave, coming to the conclusion that their business needed a helping hand.

Therefore in 2015, Miller Brothers Staffing Solution, a family company that aids businesses, bought Mickey’s from the Stones in a six individual split-purchase. The Miller Brothers transformed the building into a whole new atmosphere with incredible renovations, (downstairs to upstairs), new food items, employees, cooking items and changing the name of the restaurant from Mickey’s Central Fire Station to the Firehouse Tap & Grille.

Ever since I was a little kid, I went to Mickey’s frequently with my parents as my aunt and uncle, Dave and Cynthia Stone, owned the well-known restaurant. Thus, I evolved with the establishment much like my aunt and uncle had and experience the amazing food, renovations, and comradery over my past sixteen years.

Recently I visited the restaurant with my family to hopefully have another delicious meal and the Firehouse chefs, once again, didn’t disappoint. The restaurant waitresses were very accommodating, refilling your drinks in an instant, checking your table to make sure your party was assisted, and offered very kind attitudes to all of their customers that walked through the doors.

To test the Firehouse’s wide range of food items, I tried an item on their menu that I had never eaten at the restaurant, but is undoubtedly one of my favorite entrees, BBQ Ribs. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with how good their BBQ ribs were and how good their sauce was on it, my first few bites were unlike any flavor I’ve had before when I’ve had ribs. Additionally, the side of fries and rice pilaf to add to my meal are always great options to add to a meal as the Firehouse’s fries are some of the best I’ve ever had before.

If you are or aren’t a fan of eating meat, you are not limited to just choosing those types of options at the Firehouse as you can check out their menu at The Firehouse Tap & Grille is another great place to spend an evening with family, meet up with friends, or watch your favorite sports teams play on the field. The Firehouse Tap & Grille is a restaurant to definitely “hook and ladder” on your personal favorites list.



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