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Goodbye Mrs. Kimmel: Beloved secretary transfers to Central Office

By Autumn Atkins, staff writer

Donna Kimmel

Today is building aide Donna Kimmel’s last day in the office at Saegertown. After six years, Kimmel is leaving her position to be a central office clerk and mail carrier. 

As the district mail carrier, she will be visiting all the district schools and Bethesda every Tuesday and Thursday to deliver mail. She will also be a clerk at Central Office, a position she describes as being a ”nomad secretary.” 

Describing herself as, “a big mom at heart,” Kimmel has watched many Saegertown students grow up as they have passed through the office, and she feels as if they are all her children. She shared that it is especially touching when graduates return to see her. “My absolute favorite thing is when a previous student who was somewhat troubled comes back and thanks me for helping them or getting them through some tough spots,” Kimmel said. Saegertown has been a wonderful school to have worked for.” 

Kimmel says she expects her new position to be quieter and less frenzied than working in the main office at the high school. She is excited about the adventure, and she thinks it will be the start of a new chapter in her life. 

Even though Mrs. Kimmel has bittersweet feelings about leaving SHS, she feels confident that the change will be positive: “Everywhere I go I make fun. I like laughing. Laughter is good for the soul.”




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