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Opinion: iPads shouldn’t be the ‘future of education’

By Kaitlyn Kozalla, senior publications editor

Digital classrooms have been on the rise for some time, with the Apple company targeting schools to put their products into the hands of young students. 

According to The Washington Post, a popular news media, there’s no evidence that proves that technology improves learning. Though technology is popular, shouldn’t education be based on pedagogy? Technology is useful in a sense, but only to those who are less tempted to use electronics for things not prohibited by the district. Too many times I have personally seen students using their IPads to play games or communicate with their peers. After all, these devices were created for entertainment rather than education. 

In today’s world, most children and young adults are faced with screen time rather than skills that will better prepare them for adult life. These electronics prohibit deep thought and the ability to pay attention. To elaborate, with these electronics being pushed into young children’s hands without a say, the iPads become too distracting for the students and may prohibit them from learning basic life skills.

The financial impact of iPads in our district must also be considered. Many believe that teachers are underpaid and overworked, yet each school year new versions of iPads are being pushed out while the district can barely afford to pay teachers and substitutes. According to the website AppleInsider, Apple Inc. claims to offer deals for schools who are willing to buy them. Even said, these iPads can range from $200 to $300 apiece. This is a huge expenditure for hundreds of students in a school district.  Senior Josh Weaver agrees: “I think they are a waste of money, ” he said. Senior Nick Archacki added, “Why do we need new iPads all the time when the student body and teachers need to get brand new laptops,” he said. 

A solution to this issue is simple. In Saegertown High School alone, we utilize three laptop carts, most students using them more than iPads. We have hundreds of books sitting on shelves that barely get touched. Why waste more taxpayer money when schools already have resources?



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