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On The Job: The highest percentage of youth employment since 1966

By Autie Atkins, staff writer

Haiku Peters On The Job
Haiku Peters works at Wesbury.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 56.2% of people ages 16-24 are wage earners. A majority of the working students are employed in health and food services. 

This rings true for Saegertown as well, with McDonald’s, the Dairy Inn, the Pampered Palate, and Wesbury being among the top places where students are employed. 

Simple tasks are a typical aspect of teenage level jobs. Nico Fritz, a sophomore who works at McDonald’s, works the cash register and makes orders in her daily routine, while junior Haiku Peters, a Wesbury dietary aide, serves meals to the elderly and cleans up after the meals. 

There are a variety of reasons students today are seeking jobs. Some are saving up for college or a new car, others want to feel independent—they are earning their own money, they can use their money how they want, etc.,— others still are trying to help support their families. 

There are also a variety of ways students feel about their jobs, though most seem to enjoy being employed. Senior Josh McWright, a Pampered Palate employee, said, “I love my job, it’s fun and it gives me something to do. I’ve had a lot of new experiences and made lots of friends.” 

How is having jobs affecting these students’ grades? According to, college students who work less than twenty hours a week have an increase in their GPA and better focus, while working more than twenty hours causes the opposite. 

Peters, who works part-time, says that she doesn’t have as much time to do her homework, which causes some extra stress. It seems that just about everyone has a job to do nowadays, especially teenagers.



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Journalism Adviser, Saegertown Jr. Sr. High School

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