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Saegertown shutdown stories: Bree Snyder

By Amanda Crowl, Features Editor

Bree Snyder
Bree Snyder

Senior Bree Snyder has been staying busy cleaning and completing chores around the house. “I love cleaning, so that’s what I have been up to,” Snyder said.  “My room is clean, and I have reorganized my closet. I found a puzzle of a lighthouse, and I’m putting it together right now.” 

She is also on her way to being a flight medic in the Air Force in June. Her current ship date is June 30, and so far she has heard nothing about any delay or change to that date.

She has to make it through basic training, so she has been getting ready by working out. “I just upped my running distance to six and a half miles! And I did it in 72 minutes. Plus, it gets my mind off the worrying,” Snyder said. What has she been worrying about though? 

Snyder has some doubts about the break. She worries about her graduation and not getting to have events she looks forward to such as the senior trip and prom. “I’m not really digging this whole break,” Snyder said. Chances are very good that she is not alone. 

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