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Saegertown shut down stories: Ripley Kindervater

By Amanda Crowl, Features Editor

Photo of Ripley
Ripley Kindervater

Junior Ripley Kindervater has volunteered to babysit for one of his mother’s co-workers who has three children, ages 12, 10, and 6, in hopes of making a difference during the shutdown. 

“I’ve been taking over board games like Parcheesi, Battleship, and Uno,” Kindervater said. “We’ve also been building forts in the woods and playing hide and seek.” 

An avid outdoorsman with an interest in biology, Kindervater has been adventuring outdoors looking for wildlife. He has found everything from turtles to salamanders and even some fish.

“I found a spotted salamander in our barn two days ago,” Kindervater said. “This is notable for me because I have never found an adult specimen before. It was black with yellow spots on its back.” 

He spends time online, too. “Earlier this week, I played video games with my group of friends,” Kindervater said. He plays “World of Warcraft” with fellow junior Trinity Ives and friends he has met from other schools. 

Next week, Kindervater will return to his job at Canto Tool in Meadville where he cleans machines and does other maintenance chores. “At first, they weren’t sure if I would be working, but I have been told to report on Monday.” 

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