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Saegertown shutdown stories: When the sports world stops…

By Brady Greco, Sports Editor

Brady Greco
Brady Greco

Sports are woven into the fabric of many lives. These events are as much a part of the family for many as Sunday dinners. With the recent events of COVID-19, much of this has changed. Family time has become even more important, but what is there to do without sports? 

Many, including my family, have taken to watching sports from the past and spending quality time reminiscing about athletes of the past and discussing their accolades, moments, and great games with parents and grandparents. I recently watched the Duke-Kentucky Elite 8 matchup with my family and saw the tremendous events leading up to the monumental shot made by Christian Laettner. Even though my family knew the outcome from 1992, it made for great discussion and awe as we watched together. I felt the excitement and wanted to create my “one shining moment.”

Although sports have stopped for the time being and we are stuck watching the greatest players and teams play games from the past, we can still relish the moments that have exhilarated many for decades. A local radio station out of Mercer County even started rebroadcasting some of its greatest basketball games of the last 20 years, including state championships and District 10 title games.  

We are in a time like never before, a truly unprecedented time. Sports make memories for many throughout the world, including both fans and players. In this time of uncertainty, enjoy some of those games. Even though you may already know the result and outcome, it will surely make you smile…unless your team ends up losing. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out this list of 40 classic sports games from  The Ringer . Sports will continue soon (we hope), and when they do, be sure not to take them for granted. I know that as an athlete and lover of sports, I certainly will not.

Brady Greco plays basketball and volleyball for the Saegertown Panthers. He comes from a family of avid sports fans. If you would like to be featured in a future Saegertown Shutdown Story, email or

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