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Saegertown shutdown stories: The rewards of sibling rivalry

By Brady Greco, sports editor

Basketball Brady
Brady and Lindsey Greco

Competition has always been part of my family tree. This has never been more evident than the last few weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it has been playing Uno with my entire family or playing basketball and volleyball in the yard with my seventh-grade sister Lindsey, the competition is fierce and relentless.

When it comes to my sister and me, one of us always gets mad and storms away, but overall, this competition has actually brought us closer together. Sure, it’s not fun when one of us loses, but soon thereafter we are ready to play again. “It is fun for the most part,” Lindsey said. “I definitely enjoy playing sports outside with my brother.” 

Having a sibling has made the break easier to handle and given us time to bond. Whether it is seeing who can make more shots, who can dribble the fastest, or who can pepper the most times without a mistake, this time together as brother and sister has been rewarding.

I imagine we will look back someday and not remember who won the shoot-off, the volleyball game, or the race; instead, we’ll remember how we grew closer together through this event. But, just for the record, I will always remember who won! Stay safe and healthy—-and enjoy the time together as a family. 

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