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Saegertown shutdown stories: Q & A with my brother Jarrett DeJohn, hospital admissions clerk

By Michael DeJohn, staff writer

Jarrett DeJohn
Jarrett DeJohn

My brother Jarrett DeJohn graduated from Saegertown in 2018. Since October of 2019, he has been working as an admission/registration clerk as part of Patient Access Services at Meadville Medical Center. Being in the healthcare field has certainly changed since the coronavirus pandemic has descended upon our community, and his current position has impacted our family because he lives with us. Recently, Jarrett sat down with me for a question and answer session.

Q: What’s a normal day like at the hospital?

A: As soon as I arrive at work, I get my temperature checked and answer 4 questions about how I’m feeling and if I have any cough/shortness of breath. Then I get a mask before I clock in for my shift. After an hour or so of working, I get a mini breakfast break to ensure I’m full of energy for the day. 

Q: What precautions do you take when registering a patient?

A: Some patients, for instance, if they’re going into an isolation room, we register via phone or contact a family member to register them. Patients are now registered with us clerks outside of the room talking into the room,  versus before when we went into the rooms.

Q: What do you do after work?

A: After I clock out, we go through all of the questions and get our temperature checked again to make sure we didn’t contract anything while at work. Before I get into my truck at the end of the day, I spray a disinfectant eucalyptus spray around the interior. When I arrive home, I spray my truck down again. Then I come inside and strip down and go straight to the shower to ensure I didn’t bring home anything with me or have anything on my clothes.

Not only did I sit down with Jarrett, but I also got some feedback from my mother Merry DeJohn. 

Q: What precautions do you take when Jarrett gets home from work?

A: I spray all the doors with Lysol and disinfectant when he leaves. Then when he arrives after work, I have him put his work clothes into a basket and get in the shower. I make sure that he does not touch anything he doesn’t need, and what he does touch gets sprayed and wiped down right after.

Watching my brother do this day after day is humbling for me. People think that hospital workers may be dangerous to be around during this time because they come into contact with sick patients, but I have realized that they are some of the cleanest people you could meet right now.  They make sure they are completely healthy and clean. My brother has inspired me to go into the medical field because he helps a lot of people. 

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