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‘PAWS’itive behavior rewarded in year-long competition

By Brennen McWright, news editor

In order to boost student pride, a group of faculty members have established the Panther Cup, a year-long competition between grade levels. The PAWS (Positive Attitudes Winning Saegertown) Committee is working with PENNCREST school district to improve the school atmosphere through activities and competitions.

“The whole purpose,” PAWS committee member and history teacher Brian Lipps said, “is to increase the positive behaviors and decrease the negative behaviors.”

The PAWS team plans to host competitions and activities during WINN period every two or three weeks. The next competition, a Halloween celebration, will be held Oct. 28. 

“Mr. Baker and Mr. Young are actually going to allow all students to go,” Lipps said, “even if they’re failing.”

Lipps emphasized that this decision was made because they want it to be a celebration to end the month “with a bang.”

However, many seniors leave during WINN period for senior release, and juniors will soon follow suit due to the implementation of junior release on Nov. 4. Science teacher and PAWS committee member Kathryn Thomas stressed the critical nature of involving seniors and juniors.

“We’re trying to find a way,” Thomas said, “to get more upperclassmen excited.”

One solution that Thomas suggested is to use student suggestions for activities. 

“We’d definitely love to hear some ideas from the student body,” Thomas said. “It’s your guys’ school, too.”

Students may email their ideas to or

There will be a trophy for the winning grade level at the end of the year, Lipps said. Currently, the juniors hold the lead with 18 points, with the seniors one point behind.

Lipps hopes the tight competition will keep the students engaged. He highlighted that the activities are designed to help everyone enjoy themselves while in school.

“This idea,” Lipps said, “is meant to be positive, encouraging, supporting, and rewarding.”

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