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Spring for some romance in your reading

By Claire Barickman, social media editor 

Spring is on the way and love is in the air. Do you want something to read but don’t know what? You have come to the right place. Whether you want a cute romance that will make you gush or an unconventional romance, I’ve got you covered. “It Only Happens in the Movies” by Holly Bourne and “Every Last Word” by Tamara Leland Stone are the perfect books to read this spring. Make sure you check content warnings before you read either of the books.

“It Only Happens in the Movies”

Looking for something to read that’s not your stereotypical romance. “It Only Happens in the Movies” by Holly Bourne is that perfect book. This novel is anything but your typical romance. 

Audrey no longer believes that love exists. After witnessing her parents go through a messy divorce and going through a breakup of her own, she wants nothing to do with it.  As a way to escape her heartbreak, Audrey decides to start working at the local cinema, Flicker. Little did she know that she would meet Harry, her charming new co-worker. Over the course of the book  Audrey becomes closer with Harry as they break down movie cliques and make a movie of their own. 

“It Only Happens in the Movies” is adorable and emotional. This book breaks all of the regular stereotypes while still including some of the more popular book tropes. Audrey is relatable in so many different ways and this makes you love her even more. “It Only Happens in the Movies” has an amazing plot that keeps you wanting more while not having so much happening that you get confused. 

“Every Last Word”

Want something cute but touching? Look no further, “Every Last Word” by Tamara Leland Stone is an adorable romance with great representation. This book does a great job of talking about serious mental health and showing how everyone deserves a chance at love. 

Samantha “Sam”  looks like a normal teenage girl on the outside. She has lots of friends, is popular, and loves going out. But Sam has a secret she never told anyone; she has OCD and has been in therapy for years.  After a stressful first day at school, Sam runs into Caroline, a girl she has never seen before. Caroline and Sam soon become close friends and Sam finally feels like she can be her true self. Caroline introduces Sam to the “Poet’s Corner,” a secret club of poets wanting an escape from reality. At the “Poet’s Corner” Sam means Aj, a boy who reminds Sam of her past. For once Sam feels like she might have finally found a place where she can be herself. 

“Every Last Word” is an incredible story of finding a way to embrace your true self and find those who make you the best version of yourself. Stone does an amazing job of writing what it is like to struggle with separating yourself from the toxic friendships that you once held dearly. This book does a great job of representing OCD and anxiety and what it is like to live with them. I definitely recommend “Every Last Word” if you’re looking for a romance that goes beyond the average romcom. 

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