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Blood drive returns with an impressive turnout 

By Paisley Mangold, Editor in Chief

On March 31, Saegertown’s Student Council hosted a blood drive through the Community Blood Bank to give students and staff an opportunity to give back to the community. The Community Blood Bank is an organization that helps save lives in the North-Western Pennsylvania and Western New York area. As a non-profit organization, they have been providing a safe, reliable supply of volunteer blood to patients in need since 1966.

Alyson Merryman, Erie Mobile Drive Recruiter, said, “We always need younger people to come to start donating because our older generation is aging out.” She added: “If we all donated twice a year, we would never have a blood shortage for our local hospitals.” 

At the end of the day, 38 members of the SHS community donated blood, which can make a significant difference. According to Merryman, one donation is able to save up to three lives. She noted that the turnout for our blood drive was impressive as some schools twice the size of Saegertown have had fewer donors. 

Student Council adviser Kathryn Thomas was pleased with the event. “This was the first time I have seen a blood drive here at SHS since I started,” Thomas said. “Thirty-eight donors; that is 114 lives saved from our drive alone!”

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