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RoboBots competition puts ‘metals in motion’

By Joey Slye, staff writer

The RoboBots competition was held April 2 at Meadville High School. Teams showed up at 8 a.m. for registration with the fights starting an hour later. With new types of designs and improvements on old designs, the competition was riveting for all involved. 

‘Redemption’ RoboBOT

  As for the Saegertown teams, BigWeld led by Andrew Rockwell was able to win 2 matches before losing. Saegertown’s robotics teacher Mr. Nayhay said he was pleased with the performance of the bot and stated “it was simple but effective.” Toucan Sam led by Alexa Lynn unfortunately lost both matches. Big Spike led by Joseph Slye was unable to compete due to a drive system issue.

Redemption led by Quincy Zook unfortunately lost both matches after close fights because of an issue with their weapon motor. Zook responded to the loss by getting a quick start on figuring out solutions to the problems he faced and saw at the competition.

The Quicker Picker Upper from Commodore Perry was voted coolest bot. Cochranton took first through third place with their bots Death Punch in first, Kevin in second, and K.G.R. in third.

The event was recorded and posted to YouTube on the Armstrong Neighborhood Channel. You can see all the action here




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